aba centrum .

A fresh overhaul to the website with focus on leading costumers in the right direction. 

project .

ABA centrum was looking for a way to redirect their online visitors into reaching out and turning visitors into customers.

ABA centrum work with children with autism and learning disabilities. They offer courses for parents and teachers, to provide better help and learning opportunities for the children who need it.

We went through their website’s user experience outline with their goals in mind, and added easier access for the customer, but also automated information links, to not only make the information more available, but also for ABA centrum to track what and where the information is going.

It was important for ABA centrum to have a clear website showcasing all they offer.

design .

The visual identity of ABA centrum was clear, but the website needed to match. Adding color, compelling headlines/text and a total graphic lift, the overall look matches their identity.

project . webdesign and ux design. completed . november 2023

Website: ABA centrum

testimonial .

Jeannette has helped us enormously to improve our website. Both in terms of design, the findability of information on our website and processes to run automatically.


She prepares herself, asks the right questions and gets to work. She then makes a proposal. It’s very nice when you notice that she understands what you want improved and can convert that into a suitable solution.


Very pleasant personal contact, no question is too much for her and I can definitely recommend her!


Annemieke Zeijlmaker

owner ABA centrum